social media 

How to successfully communicate in social networks?

Social media are the hype of today.
Everyone has to be on Facebook! The more fans the better the fan page!
Still... is it really so? Does your company really need Facebook?
Do you know how people on social networks think?

Social media are not about direct sales. You won't see any quick return on investment here. It is a long-term communication with the customers.

We are building the social value of your brand, collecting opinions and supporting a community of customers.

Whether a social network, a discussion forum, a company blog or video sharing - all of this will attract new customers. If you speak their language.

You understand your business well. We can interpret that understanding to the people on the Internet.

How we work with social media

  • We take care of the well-being and natural growth of your social community.
  • We evaluate the active involvement of fans rather than their numbers.
  • We only share interesting content with the potential of being passed around.
  • We support your brand with applications, comments and competitions.

How we don't work with social media

  • We don't expand the social community using people not interested in your brand.
  • We don't clutter your company's profile with tedious contributions of no real value.
  • We don't limit communication to marketing slogans, phrases and exclamations.
  • We keep monitoring the development of social media – you won't miss the boat with us.

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