We have 
mastered PPC

Targeted advertising maximises your profit

We know how marketing departments often feel:
"The last campaign (once again) was not much of a success.
No significant impact. Everyone's allergic to advertisements.
Isn't buying advertisements just a waste of money?" 
Yes, we can understand such thoughts.

However, only until PPC advertising comes to play. PPC, namely, has something up its sleeve: the customer sees it exactly at the moment he/she shows interest in the services you provide.

A well set-up PPC campaign provides the most precise targeting out of all media.

Our method of work is not trial and error. We don't spend loads of cash only to flood your website with visitors with zero buying potential. 
We focus on achieving the goals of the campaign. On your profit.

It's not magic. And we have concrete evidence to support our claims.

  • We manage to bring in as many as 3 million visitors to our clients' websites per month.
  • We do online marketing in 34 countries on 3 continents.
  • In 2012, we managed a budget of €6 million.
  • We are a certified Google partner agency.

All of our employees are certified specialists.


See also Google AdWords document Working with Third-Parties.

How we do PPC

  • We analyse the website structure and contents to maximise the effect of the PPC campaign.
  • We use the entire potential of PPC systems, their formats and possibilities.
  • We set specific campaign objectives, forms of advertising and price per click.
  • During the campaign, we continuously exclude or add keywords based on results.

How we don't do PPC

  • We don't rely on our feelings; we evaluate everything on the basis of the existing data.
  • We don't skimp on the number of campaigns, sets and ads, if it's beneficial for you.
  • We don't stop when "it's OK" - we look for additional opportunities in new media.
  • We don't abandon campaigns; we regularly modify and optimise them.

  • Parfums
    number one perfume e-shop in the Central and Eastern Europe
    Complex management of PPC campaigns in 9 countries of the CEE region. CPO model
  • Raiffeisenbank
    Bank in the Czech Republic
    Complex management of PPC campaigns – long-term and short-term promo campaings
  • Telefónica O2
    telecommunications provider in Slovakia
    Complex management of PPC campaigns - a mixture of PPC systems aiming to increase sales and the hit quality
  • Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa
    nr. 1 building savings and loan company in SK
    PPC campaign focusing on permanent click rate improvement and increase in the number of submitted forms with contact information
  • Martinus SK/CZ
    the largest Slovak online book store
    PPC campaigns during the client's entry to the Czech market

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