We do

Do not underestimate the mobile applications and web design.

Welcome to the 21st century.
Today, people frequently spend more time
with their mobile phone than in front of a TV.
Do you really want to miss out on these customers?
Mobile marketing has its own rules and we can play by those rules. We will show you how.

More and more users view websites using their smartphones. However, they won't be able to see your company's presentation, unless your website is optimised

We use mobile phones for an unforced contact with the customer. We don't push it – we rather create playful applications for them.

We can target different communities. Besides that, thanks to mobile phone geolocation capabilities we can even target specific locations within Slovakia.

How we do mobile marketing

  • We analyse your website and create a "mobile-friendly" version of it.
  • We ensure targeted communication via SMS and MMS messages.
  • We create mobile applications that can entice and capture a user.
  • We manage campaigns that involve Internet search from mobile devices.

How we don't do mobile marketing

  • We don't just look for yet another ineffective advertising method.
  • We don't open the advertising messages to the public without an added value for the recipient.
  • We don't create campaigns the message of which is not suitable for mobile devices.
  • We don't launch campaigns that are not optimised for mobile search.

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