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Media planning and purchase of online advertising

Why is the main question, when buying advertising, the amount of the discount?
Are the Slovak media really that uniform that they need to be traded like shoeboxes?
Is it not an old truth that the higher the discount the worse the quality?

The success of a campaign is determined by something else – how close to the target group the medium is and how precise is its impact.

We never buy media space according to price and relationships. We don't boast about results that lead to a dead end. We focus on performance.

Tell us about your objectives and we will deliver your message exactly where you want it to be.


How we work with the media space

  • We take advantage of synergism to communicate using all suitable media.
  • We create a media mix that takes into account reach, frequency and intensity.
  • We measure and evaluate results from each media separately.
  • We prefer long-term solutions to one-off activities. 

How we don't work with the media space

  • We don't separate media planning from the overall marketing strategy.
  • We don't buy pigs in a poke – we don't expect low-quality media to perform miracles.
  • We don't rely on feelings; we evaluate campaigns on the basis of data.
  • We don't cling to old truths; we monitor the current media developments.

  • České aerolinie
    the Czech national airlines
    Client's entry onto the Slovak market
  • Tesco mobile
    Telecommunications provider
    Launch of a mobile products campaign
  • Navyslni.sk
    real-estate project
    Launch of real-estate sale in a development project
  • 3nity
    a luxury apartment house in Bratislava
    Launch of flat sale in an exclusive development project
  • The Slovak National Theatre
    Promotion of selected shows on Facebook

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