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B2B Group has been part of media house ZenithOptimedia,
which is part of Publicis Groupe, since February 2015.

The acquisition of B2B Group is part of Publicis Group’s strategy to build an agency offering full range of services in the communication and planning area. This attitude has already brought the group successful results in winning clients like Nestle for example.

B2B Group has built a great reputation among its clients especially due to the fact that it increases return on investments through performance marketing for its clients. Our knowledge and expertise greatly complement each other with ZenithOptimedia company which builts its communication services on three pillars – Zenithoptimedia covers the media, performance marketing belongs under PerformicsB2BGroup and the content is being covered by Newcast.

Change your sales paradigm

Within six weeks your business can significantly accelerate sales growth, capture new customer segments and isolate your competitors capability by deploying B2B disruptive marketing technology.

B2B maximises every Crown and de-risks your market strategy by launching our proven MCSC capability. Take the first step, call B2B to arrange an appointment to dynamically advance your sales attainment growth.

Engaging B2B is the best sales acceleration decision you can make to achieve market leadership in challenging B2B and B2C sectors.

Marketing Capability Step-Change (MCSC)

To achieve dynamic sales acceleration requires more than a wealth of marketing knowledge and industry experience, it requires B2B’s deep, incisive technology that drives our customers outstanding customer performance attainment. B2B delivers rapid market penetration through the seamless deployment of MCSC, achieving defined, agreed growth targets and sales goals.

MCSC technology analytics utilises advanced market penetration science to secure the most cost-effective, repeatable customer proposition. MCSC enables B2B customers to forcefully penetrate beyond their current marketing strategy boundaries that constrain revenue growth.

MCSC is the best sales acceleration decision you can make.


B2B – who are we?

B2B Group (PayPerClick.cz) was established in 2000. We specialise in Internet
marketing since 2006. We have gathered know-how in numerous projects – 
including those for O2, Raiffeisenbank, Parfums, Pixmánia, and Annonce.

We don't perceive ourselves as a "trendy advertising agency". We don't play ping-pong with fancy words. We focus on the job at hand. We conceal nothing from the clients: we measure, evaluate, and report.

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