... in your business?
Don't settle for incremental growth,
deploy B2B disruptive marketing technology
that creates immediate sales connectivity and penetrates
beyond your competitor, deep into B2B and B2C customer bases.

Why customers engaged B2B

B2B delivers the prerequisite 'Marketing Capability Step-Change' (MCSC) demanded
by our customer to achieve dynamic, aggressive, pervasive revenue growth in challenging
markets as diverse a Telefónica O2, Tesco mobile and Raiffeisen Bank.

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change your sales paradigm

  • Parfums
    number one perfume e-shop in the Central and Eastern Europe
    Complex management of PPC campaigns in 9 countries of the CEE region. CPO model
  • Genertel
    an online based insurance company - Slovakia and Hungary
    Search engine optimisation, conversion ratio and organic click rate improvement. Improvement of positions to top keywords.
  • České aerolinie
    the Czech national airlines
    Client's entry onto the Slovak market
  • Raiffeisenbank
    Bank in the Czech Republic
    Complex management of PPC campaigns and optimisation for Google and Seznam search engines
  • Generali Sigorta
    Innovative insurance company in Turkey
    Management of performance campaigns incl. Yandex and RTB. Google Analytics measurement. CPL model.

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